Member Obligation

Participation in the Co-op involves time and commitment. A parent or caregiver of each enrolled child is required to attend and participate in each child’s class one day per week.

Members assist with class projects, materials and organization, engage in play and activities at the children’s level, provide encouragement and support to the children to try new activities, and help the children negotiate and cooperate.

The preschool teacher assists the members in understanding their role in the classroom, including supervising all children in the class at all times. Members also help one another with their role as teacher assistants.

Members are asked to:

  • Work one day a week in class, the length of which depends upon the age of your child.
  • On a rotating basis, provide a snack for the class (no snack in toddler classes) and assist in keeping the classroom tidy.
  • Attend monthly parent meetings to discuss class progress, questions, and announcements. Portions of the monthly meetings are reserved for discussion of important parenting topics by a professional Parent Advisor.
  • Volunteer for a class job, such as Parent Coordinator (who manages the class snack calendar) or Field Trip Coordinator.
  • Support and participate in our annual fundraising auction by purchasing auction tickets and by procuring an auction item.

Fundraising monies are used to help keep tuition low, fund scholarships, keep curriculum new by providing for new teaching materials, provide ongoing teacher education, and allow for enhancement of our facility.

Parent education is an important focus of the Co-op. Our preschool operates under the direction of the Seattle Central Community College (SCCC).

Parent Advisors from the college’s Parent Education Program are assigned to each class and make formal presentations on topics of the class’s choosing at the monthly parent meetings. Advisors observe and assist in the classroom and are available for informal and private consultation with the teachers and the parents. Our advisors are also a source of community and legislative information regarding issues related to children.

Co-op members become students of the Parent/Child study lab of the SCCC and receive non-transferable college credit, student discounts, library privileges, counseling time and other student benefits.

Members are asked to sign a Membership Agreement describing their participation at the orientation meeting at the beginning of each school year.