The Enrichment Class is our afternoon class that meet once per week for 2.5 hours for existing students ages 3-5. This class is an optional add-on to the existing preschool classes. Unlike our regular preschool classes, this is a drop-off class. There is no parent obligation to attend class or attend monthly meetings. The Enrichment Class is led by a lead teacher and an assistant and focuses on monthly themes such as, though not restricted to, music, theater, language, cooking, gardening, and art.

To enroll, children must already be enrolled in (and continue to be enrolled in) one of the 3’s or Pre-K classes. Children can only enroll in one Enrichment Class (the number of Enrichment Classes we offer is determined by interest/enrollment). For more information about tuition, see the main tuition page.

As an example of what this class involves, here is a note from Teacher Melrose about the 2016 – 2017 Enrichment class:

In class, we organize our lessons according to themes. Our first theme is Music. We will be exploring different musical instrument for the month of September and October. Next, we do the theme “All About Me”; then we do the cooking and science experiments.

We have a Karaoke time every session, where kids are invited to sing. They can chose whatever song they like to sing. However, on our first day, we will start our session with fun activities to get to know each other!

For the following Monday, we will start our musical theme. We will also be learning about the calendar, but we will do it in Spanish. The children will be learning the days of the week, month and numbers in Spanish.

Another exciting activity that we look forward to is our class performance which we do twice a year. The children will perform on the stage in the Pilgrim Hall, and we invite all classes and families to watch our kiddos perform musical and dance numbers.

Title Days Times
M Fri 12:00pm to 2:30pm