This page is directed at parents who have started at the Co-op and have been through orientation. There is also an FAQ for prospective parents that covers the time leading up to orientation. Still need help? Contact us!

Where should I park?

Great question! We share space with Magnolia United Church of Christ. The small parking lot behind the church is not to be used for preschool or MAC pickup or drop-off or for parking while you are working in class. It is only available to those parents on snack duty for that day, laundry duty, or for families with a special parking pass. Please park on the street near the school. Please do not park in the church’s loading zone on McGraw Street. With several dozen small children coming and going at any given time, having multiple cars crowding the small parking lot creates a safety issue for our school. Please respect this guideline and park on a nearby street.

What is the best way to stay up to date with current events at the Co-op?

Your Class Chair’s weekly emails should be your go-to source of information. Please be sure to read it in its entirety each week, as Class Chairs pass along important all-school and class-specific updates and announcements each week.

Our online calendar is also an excellent source of information about meetings, special events, school closures, and due dates. You can add our calendar events to your personal calendar or surface our calendar within your online calendar. We use a public Google Calendar owned by the profile, magnolia.cooperative@gmail.com.

For day to day updates, follow us on Facebook. We update our feed at least a few times per week with pictures of what’s happening in class, field trips, and other information.

What if I can’t make my scheduled work day one week? What if my child or I become ill?

If you know in advance that you will be unable to make your scheduled work day, contact your class’s parents to swap work days with another parent. It is your responsibility to try to find a substitute to cover your absence.

Can I bring my child’s sibling to class when I work?

Infants up to three months old may occasionally accompany a parent in the classroom with prior permission of the teacher and the other parents in the class. Infants must be kept in a pack on the parent’s body to insure his/her ability to fully function as a teacher’s assistant. Our preschool operates a fantastic Multi-Age Classroom for this purpose where a sibling of the child of the parent working in class gets first priority.

How should we dress for class?

Our classes are very hands-on, so be prepared to get a little dirty. Comfortable, casual clothes are best. The 2’s classes and above spend time outside on the playground, so dress children appropriately for playing outside.

What should I bring for snack?

It is not necessary to bring drinks. Recommended snacks include:

  • Sliced fruit
  • Diced cheese
  • Crackers
  • Pretzels
  • Muffins
  • Raisins

Please be aware that some children have serious food allergies, which will be posted in the classroom. No nuts of any kind are allowed in the preschool or Multi-Age Classroom.

In case of snow, how can I find out whether class is canceled?

The preschool and Multi-Age Classroom follow the same snow closure schedule as the Seattle Public Schools. If Seattle Public Schools are starting late, the Co-op’s morning classes are canceled and the afternoon classes will proceed as scheduled. If Seattle Public Schools are canceled altogether then both morning and afternoon classes at the Co-op are canceled. You can also visit our school blog or Facebook for updates.

For the latest updates, please check the School Report web site or the Seattle Public Schools web site.

What role do the Class Chair and Class Parent Coordinator (PC) play in each class?

Each class has a volunteer Class Chair and a volunteer Parent Coordinator.

The Class Chair acts as a communication liaison between their class and the Board and teachers. Class Chairs attend monthly Board Meetings and report news back to their class members. Parents can contact either their Class Chair or their teacher with any school-wide or class questions. All Class Chairs report to a Chair of Chairs.

The Parent Coordinator, or PC, is in charge of distributing, collecting, and maintaining their class’s membership forms, such as Field Trip forms and Membership Agreements. PC’s are also responsible for creating and posting the snack and maintenance schedule for their class.

Members have an opportunity to volunteer for either of these positions during class registration in the spring. Class Chairs and PCs do not take on another class job.

What is the role of the Parent Educator in the class?

Our preschool is affiliated with the Seattle Central Community College’s Co-op program. One benefit of this partnership is the professional Parent Educators that assist in the classrooms. One Parent Educator is assigned to each class and attends some of the time to assist the teacher and parents, observe the children, and support parents’ questions and concerns about early childhood development. Parent Educators also present discussion topics at the monthly class meetings.